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My Random Happy Sketches!

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Hey What’s for Sale?

I have a few things going on at the moment. Primarily I focus on painting obviously but that doesn’t seem to satisfy all my creative needs.

I found myself doing a lot of tight pen drawings for no reason and they weren’t half bad. I decided to create a print shop just to show case those drawings.

As for painting, my favourite subject to practice with is florals. A fashion website approached me and asked me to join their community of artists so I put those florals to good use.

Here is a sample of what you can find on my Society 6. 




Here is a sample of what you can find on my Shop Vida.



The bags are brand new to the site, I’m really excited about these since I’m such a hand bag freak haha.

Don’t forget I’m always available for painting commissions! Email me anytime.



Sketchbook, Space Time!

Every once in a while I crack open my sketchbook and I try to draw. Lately I’ve been drawing bodies from out of this world. Why? Who knows, I’m a bit of a nerd. 

It’s a nebula! I was thinking of the pillars of creation when I did this one. I used water colour pencil and while ink. 

Here is a planetary nebula. Don’t know what the difference is? I suggest google, learn something new :)

This is Neptune. I used ballpoint pen. It took me a while because I basically only worked on it 20 mins a day while on my lunch break. I want to eventually do all of our planets in the solar system just because. 

Okay that’s it, I love you, bu bye! 

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Free Shipping Woot Woot

Hi everyone, just a quick update. My new print shop is having free shipping for this week only for all non framed prints. So if you liked the two images I put out a little while ago now’s the time to snag a couple. Just click the link before for the free shipping.


Here’s what’s for sale!

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I found some time!

Hi everybody!
In Ontario we had a long weekend plus it was valentines day, so I hope to all my Canadian followers your long weekend was a good one!

My boyfriend gave me a sweet gift and not what one might think I would get for valentines day. I got the greatest gift of all, expensive paint! Yeah!


I normally use Gamblin for all my painting needs but I don’t like their cobalt teal so I take the long trek to the not so local Michaels and buy it by Grumbacher. I really like Grumbacher paints but for some reason art supplies stores in Toronto do not stock them. Recently all my favourite local art supplies shops have been stocking quite a few brands of high end hand made paint and I have been longing to try Williamsburg. Once I finish my commissions I will be doing a comparison chart of these two teals. Soo exciting! Thanks Babe!

ALSO, I have been stealing a few hours here and there to work on some illustration and I managed to get these lovelies finished. I now have a print shop with Society6 so you can snag them there if you are so inclined. I will have t-shirts and mugs and stuff up a bit later. I need more hours in the day!

My Shop is called “I’m Not Jennifer


“I heart U”


“Love, Pluto”


Commissions and drawings on Sick Days.

Hello, long time no talk.

I’m still working on a big commission so I haven’t had any time to work on personal painting’s. Although in between painting sessions and nights I get home late from work I’ve been working in my sketchbook. Today I wasn’t feeling well on my day off so I curled up in bed and drew Jupiter. Yes Jupiter.

I’m getting ready to launch a new online shop on Society 6 with Illustrations and I’m working on a planet series.

As soon as I’m done this commission which hopefully won’t be any longer than a week or two from now, I’ll be throwing down a portrait study or something, I don’t know, something’s gonna happen!


I got a new sketchbook. It’s much sturdier.


All done, with black and red ballpoint pen. Still have to scan it and Photoshop out the line in the middle to make it online ready.