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I moved again! Also, life drawing!

Two weeks ago I left Toronto to move in with my long time Boyfriend in the city of London ON. I now live in a sunny apartment where my studio is not in the same room as my bed or couch or kitchen table. Every artists dream! I will also be working on art full time! So I guess I’ve leveled up in the game of life, ha.

Painting will come back REAL soon but in the meantime I have some life drawings from last Monday. I haven’t gone to life drawing in maybe 2 years? Please excuse the rustiness. 

3 Min pose with Graphite stick

3 Min pose with graphite stick

10 min pose?

20 min pose

25 min pose



Some Sketchy Things

I finally started a new moleskin sketchbook, its all empty and the cover isn’t ruined from being in the inside of my dirty purse. It hasn’t had coffee spilt on it and the corners have yet to be dog eared. Give it time.


Some wooded path at night, I was inspired by things I saw during a trip to Montreal.


Stop sign in Montreal, with random tree.


That is all!


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Work In Progress

Next month is my last scheduled group show at Artisans at Work Gallery. The show is called “We are Toronto” and I’m doing my body of work focused entirely on my observations of the diversity of people on the subway or TTC. This is what I have so far, enjoy.


photo 2-1


Started with thumbnail sketches of course, I really like these two.

photo 3-1

Because of the tight time frame I have for these, I’m doing all three paintings at the same time. This way they will all be at the same level of completeness and I wont be able to get too caught up on details that I don’t need to focus on.

photo 1-1

Close up of the “blocking in” stage. Stick around for more updates!

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“Veil” – New Painting

The third in it’s series out of ten. This one was particularly difficult as there were a lot of elements to balance out. I’m taking a break from this series for now. I have a few outdated projects to get back to and a commission. (Yay money!)


Veil – Oil on Canvas – 12″ by 12″


Here is a couple progress shots.


Had to get her eyes through the sheer fabric perfect before grappling with the pattern.


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Teaching Doodles?

I haven’t gone to life drawing in a long time and I haven’t been drawing in my sketchbook either. The only drawing I’ve been doing at all lately is during my lessons with my student. I mentioned before I do a little private tutoring and usually I give a tiny lesson and the rest of the hour and a half is spent doing drawing exercises. So, while the lesson is going on I may draw with her or a little bit on my own so she doesn’t feel like I’m watching every move she makes. Plus, it keeps me from getting bored myself haha.

20140526-210558.jpg The blind contour alarm clock!

20140526-210646.jpg Sometimes if my student is having a hard time focusing on the lesson we will take a blind contour break.

20140527-201821.jpg The lesson was face proportions and she chose Bruce Willis, and I did the guy for “How I Met Your Mother”. Yes I know his eye is weird.

20140527-202025.jpg What better way to teach drapery then to bring in my bed sheet!

20140527-202133.jpg Super quick studies while my student worked on her master copy of a painting by John Singer Sargent.

20140527-202228.jpg Did a quick drawing of an impasto painting on the cover of an International Artist Magazine.

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Disguise – A New Painting

A little while ago I introduced a new series of paintings I’m working on. I finished the second painting, making that 2 out of 10. Next week I have a different deadline coming up so I hope to finish that in the next few days. Tomorrow I’m doing an art battle, you know, live competitive painting. So I should have lots to show in the new few weeks. In the mean time…

disguiseSLet me introduce, “Disguise” 12″ by 12″ oil on canvas

disguisedeetA little close up of the details