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New Work “What a Hot Mess” for In The Round 4 Annual Group Show

I’m very excited and a little nervous to show you my new work for this upcoming show, In The Round 4 at Graven Feather Gallery. This is my first attempt at a sculptural piece. I’m satisfied with how they turned out so I’m positive I’ll be making some more in the future. 

My “What a Hot Mess!” Series is my commentary on how toxic our judgements are on other people’s appearances (as well as our own) especially when it is expected that one’s personal identity should reflect in their personal style and aesthetic. 

Please check out the show opening if you’re in Toronto next Thursday November 3rd at 7pm at Graven Feather Gallery beside Trinity Bellwood’s Park. This is a group show so there will be over 100 “rounds” on display! There will be something for everyone and for a low price of $65!

“What a Hot Mess!” 1 of 3 Oil paint, glass and hot glue on wood panel.

“What a Hot Mess!” 2 of 3 Oil paint, glass and hot glue on wood panel.

“What a Hot Mess!” 3 of 3 Oil paint, glass and hot glue on wood panel.
Here are a couple progress pictures.

First you paint the glass. I could of just painted lines straight down and called them stripes but I wanted to be authentic even if I was only me who would know that it was stripes from a blouse, folds and all. It was important that I painted actual fabric patterns on each pane of glass, from my own closet no less. 

Then you break the glass. What followed was hours and hours and hours of sanding down sharp edges while watching Netflix. I only got glass in me twice. Haha
Leave a comment on what you think of my new direction! Don’t worry though I’m still painting ;)

Hope to see you at the show!


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“Unframed”…A New Painting

In continuation of my “Identity” series I started back in 2014, I recently finished this small piece with plans to create more. This painting will be 1 of a set of 4. I’m really excited to finally be able to get back to work on this. Over the past couple of years working on “The Gift” and portrait commissions has left “Identity” sizzling on the back burner. While working on those other projects I thought of different ways I could expand on that idea. I hope you enjoy the work I produce in the next while. Anyway…


Unframed #1 – Oil on Canvas and Wood Frame 9.5″ by 9.5″


I painted all of it.




I threw it up on my wall and it looks great beside the Tornado by Brian Harvey and prints by Bryce Huffman. The white oval frame at the bottom will be my next canvas. (The two figures and flowers are my paintings…obviously?)


I Built a Castle in the Middle of the Night

Last night I decided to do something with the two boxes in the middle of my living room. They are my cat’s boxes and they take up a lot of room and look messy. Messy like I’ve just been throwing stuff all over the place kind of messy. Now one might say, “Jess you could just get rid of the boxes then they won’t be on your floor, duh” but I decided to do something crazy. Crazy cat lady actually.

20140716-082153-30113429.jpg Here are the boxes in question already in construction. The small box he likes to sit in, and the large box he likes to play in.

20140716-082355-30235190.jpg I have created a roof! All I’m using is double sided tape. If I use regular packaging tape it won’t look as nice and my cat will eat it. He has odd culinary tastes. Also I don’t have any extra cardboard so I’m using the pieces I cut off the box to build up the box.

20140716-082612-30372043.jpg He is pretty excited about this.

20140716-082643-30403492.jpg I made a fancy door. Almost done!

20140716-082713-30433995.jpg Now I’ve taped and inserted the small box into the big box to create a balcony of sorts.

20140716-082823-30503498.jpg After painting it black for a dramatic effect, I added draw strings. It’s finished!

20140716-082908-30548276.jpg Now to test it!


20140716-084713-31633562.jpg He’s really digging the draw strings.

20140716-084738-31658727.jpg I think he likes it, success! My work here is done.