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“Unframed”…A New Painting

In continuation of my “Identity” series I started back in 2014, I recently finished this small piece with plans to create more. This painting will be 1 of a set of 4. I’m really excited to finally be able to get back to work on this. Over the past couple of years working on “The Gift” and portrait commissions has left “Identity” sizzling on the back burner. While working on those other projects I thought of different ways I could expand on that idea. I hope you enjoy the work I produce in the next while. Anyway…


Unframed #1 – Oil on Canvas and Wood Frame 9.5″ by 9.5″


I painted all of it.




I threw it up on my wall and it looks great beside the Tornado by Brian Harvey and prints by Bryce Huffman. The white oval frame at the bottom will be my next canvas. (The two figures and flowers are my paintings…obviously?)



100 Portrait Project is Back from the Dead!

Last week I sat at the easel and took 10 mins to sign “The Gift” at the bottom right hand corner. I sat back and stared and realized I was done, there was absolutely nothing more I could do to it. I guess some people might take an extended vacation from such a long project but I excitedly set another canvas up and immediately started working on a portrait. It has been too long!

I don’t want to take these portraits too seriously, I want them to be more of exercises in observational skills and exploration. Plus I really need to shake out the nitty gritty from my previous painting and loosen up again. It’s like having a cramp in my artists skills… or something.

Anyway, Say hello to “D. Dentice” Or Portrait #10.


Underpainting, in blue this time, le gasp!


I started adding colour but I really wanted to hi-light the eyes. At this point I had wiped over the painting and started back into the eyes a second time.


I was liking how the painting was turning out but it didn’t feel right so I loosely painted over it again. I had done this about 3-4 times during the whole painting process, partially to redo areas and mostly to obtain a certain look and to keep myself from getting caught up in the details.


Finished! It’s kind of “milky” but I like it.

“D. Dentice” 9″ by 12″ Oil on Canvas Board




She’s Back!!

My little circle portraits are back (actually entitled “A Series of Her”) and in Artisans – At – Work the gallery in the east end for their show tomorrow night called “Up Close and Personal”. Seems appropriate no? If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by because I must say, there is some pretty great stuff up this month! (I got a sneak peak last night hehe)

20140306-090817.jpgAll paintings are 50$ or 270$ for the set of 6. They have little strings on the back to hang as is or look great in a picture frame or shadow box. See the details of the paintings here.

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S. Chamberlain – Portrait 9

Here we have portrait 9 of my 100 Portrait Project. Still plugging away like I promised! I’m continuing to experiment and try new things with these portraits and for this one I decided to go monotone. I used Burnt Umber and White with a touch of Ultramarine for the really dark spots. It’s been a while since I worked on this little project so heres a little refresher of some of the past portraits. Number 7 and 8 are not in that link… just because. Anyway, here she is, the lovely, S. Chamberlain!

SChamberlainwebS. Chamberlain – Oil on Stone Paper 8″ by 8″

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100 Protrait Project: A Year in Review

A year ago, around this time, I hatched the idea of doing 100 portraits by 2014 to improve my portrait painting skills. Well a year has gone by (already?!) and as of today I’ve only done 8. (I’m including my self portrait because I don’t want to paint myself again haha) This made me wonder, “What in the world have I been doing all year?” Well I’ve painted a lot of flowers, been in two group shows, worked on some old paintings, started some new paintings did a few commissions oh and I moved to a different city. I guess I’ve been busy painting other things.

Well regardless of the small amount, I think I’ve improved quite a bit and I’ve definitely found a painting style I like. Let’s see what 2014 will bring me and I’ll try to double the amount I did this year for 2015 ;)

In the mean time, check out the progression to “Rose”.

20131211-080249.jpgI almost always do my underpainting in red. I’m sure they have scientific tests about that somewhere.

20131211-081131.jpgLaying it down!

20131211-081258.jpgFinished! Her collar took way longer then I thought it would. Overall, this has been one of the most enjoyable portraits I’ve done to date.

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In the Round – New Work!

So I’ve been busy this month! I have paintings in two group shows across the city. Although todays post is about the show in the west end at the Graven Feather Gallery. The show is called “In the Round” where they got approximately 108 artists (including myself) to paint on six 4in circles following no particular theme. I had the lucky chance of sneaking a peak at some of the other submissions that were handed in and lets just say I am super excited for opening night and I am leaving my wallet at home!

The show goes up on the 1st of November but the reception is the 7th. I hear there will be a speaker from OCAD. Fancy.

Anyway here’s the work I submitted :)

breathHer Breath – Oil on Board dazeHer Daze – Oil on Board gaze

Her Gaze – Oil on BoardleftLeft – Oil on BoardrightRight – Oil on BoardstareHer Stare – Oil on BoardsidrecLook at all the fun shapes they can make together!sidtriYeah a triangle! ( Yup, I actually stuck em to my wall like this. )

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New Things! Hurray!

I’m working on a lot of paintings this month and in the next couple of months and thought I would share with you my current progress. I have two upcoming group shows in November and a couple overdue paintings I’m trying to finish at the same time. This month I want to finish 6 mini paintings for a show called “In The Round” at Graven Feather, a gallery at Queen West, Toronto.






20130917-181814.jpgI took a bunch of photos of a friend of mine, did a million composition studies of said photos and these were the winners. Why circles? Who knows, I’m just working with what the gallery gave me, six pieces of board, 4 inches in diameter.



20130917-182750.jpgHere we have the second stage, the under painting and value study.


Here is 1 of 6 fully painted and ready to go…probably. I’m still working on the other five and hope to have them done by the end of this month. Next month I have another slew of paintings to do! Woot! *passes out from exhaustion*

Expect to see finals of these and my upcoming paintings closer to my show openings in November.

20130917-183557.jpgAlso I’m working on these on the smallest surface. I just moved into my new apartment two weeks ago and as of yesterday it has just finished being painted. This means my roommate and I haven’t been able to clean the floors or unpack any of our stuff including my studio. So I’m painting on a garbage bag taped to my kitchen table. I’m just that hard core?