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My Random Happy Sketches!


Practice Makes Perfect

I have a confession to make. I do not enjoy life drawing. GASP

And why should I? It’s difficult, the chairs are uncomfortable, the poses are difficult or sometimes just aweful and uninspiring. But I keep going because it’s good practice, to try and figure out the human body in 1 min to 30 hour intervals. The practice I get here I use in all my paintings and especially portraits. So I’ll keep on grumbling with sketchbook and pen in hand and continue to attend life drawing. Do you enjoy going?


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The worst seat in the house!

At life drawing on Monday (I’m going to try and make that a weekly thing) I found the worst spot to sit in. I had no idea until it was too late. The room filled up with easles and benches with their respected artists. The model got ready and the host turned on the light and that’s when I realised I was sitting right in the path of the spot light. At first your like nah it’s okay I can handle this but as the time goes by you pretty much start to go blind. So I gave up cause the drawings were terrible anyway since I could only look at the model for a moment. I ended up drawing the artists, blind contours style. After the break it’s long poses and the room usually clears out a bit so I got to move, yay. Not a completely wasted night.

All poses 20 mins each and with blue ballpoint pen.

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My Piece at Propeller Gallery Opening Night – Warning Nudity!

Last night was the big opening for Propeller Gallery’s new show “The Sex Offensive: Emancipating Gender” for World Pride Toronto. I have a piece in the show that I’m sure you’ve seen before, The Blue Rose. This group show showcases  incredible artists and work and overall I thought was very well curated. Here are some pics of my favourites and the dramatic performance piece at the end. I was a bit overwhelmed and forgot to take pictures of all the pieces, my apologies to my artist friends.



Here I am all dressed up beside my painting, The Blue Rose.


These pieces were essentially about recreating the genesis story in the bible. I love the juxtaposition of medias used.


These are illustrations done on china showing basically lesbian love making. They were extremely well done!


Hand and penis embroidered on denim shorts. So great.


The same artists from above did this one as well. I just love the imagery of this, you can do no wrong with flying penises.


This photo makes me so happy.IMG_4550

In the back, where my painting was, this was set up to accompany a performance peice.


The performers are ready to go.


Here they’re observing the images on the wall, possibly reflecting. There was a lot of heavy breathing.


Then is suddenly got kinky with dominatrix and sexual acts.


This went on for a while.


Then she went into the audience and starting hitting people (very lightly) with her whip.


They made out after this. Which surprised me a bit as there wasn’t any kissing up until this point.


You can see my painting! The performance was basically done after this moment of “worship”. I personally found myself uncomfortable during the majority of the performance but I guess that was the point. I applaud them though for sticking in character for such a long time even after some individuals started getting chatty and disruptive.  Regardless, it was interesting and I applaud myself for sticking around and watching the whole thing. I had a great night and met some amazing people and I suggest you should all go down there on Saturday to see the rest of the show during Nuit Rose.


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Life Drawing Nine – Not Much To See

I simply wasn’t feeling life drawing this weekend and couldn’t get inspired by the model or her poses even though she was a very good model. Ah well, we all have our bad drawings days. Here are the decent drawings.

20140310-210935.jpgThe page of 1 min poses.

20140310-211053.jpgTwo 5 min poses.

20140310-211125.jpgTwo more 5 min poses.

20140310-211209.jpg10 min pose.

20140310-211240.jpgAnnnnd the 25 min pose.

Also, I know that somewhere out there in the world my boyfriend is reading this with a smug look on his face because I swore last week I would not post this **** and yet here it is.
Yeah yeah… Lols

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More Life Drawing SEVEN

I went to life drawing last Sunday and I dragged my boyfriend with me. He’s such a good sport, he got up early and everything! Haha
I did more drawing then painting this time but I found that even though I had more time for drawing it’s hard to cross hatch on a larger page. (I brought a 8″ by 11″ sketchbook with me instead of my usual 5″ by 7″)

My page of one minute poses.

20140211-185154.jpg2 min poses

20140211-185236.jpg15 min pose

20140211-185324.jpg15 min pose

20140211-185406.jpg25 min pose

20140211-185506.jpg1 hour pose with water soluble oils

Ps My show last Friday was amazing. I had an great night, thank you and bravo to all my wonderful friends and darlings who journeyed far and wide to see my new work! (Some not as far as others but still appreciated none the less!)

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Life Drawings – For Sale

Just in time for the holidays, you can now purchase a few of my original life drawings! I have them up at Aristans Gallery in my own little gallery room, until the end of December. Oh la la!
They are framed and ready to go for 75$ each.
Here are most of the drawings for sale!
(I say most because I can’t find the image for the 10th one. Oh well you’ll just have to come down and see it for yourself!)

In Motion

In Motion II

Reclining on Cushion


20131116-141346.jpgCup and Scepter

Resting with Legs Up

Resting II


Resting III

I love the frames I bought for them! They’re in beautiful shadow boxes.


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Life Drawing, FIVE!

Last week I finally dragged myself to life drawing! This is the little I accomplished…

20131015-224644.jpg2 min poses

20131015-224758.jpgMore 2 min poses

20131015-224933.jpgA couple longer ones

20131015-225015.jpg10 min pose

20131015-225141.jpg This one I used acrylic paint to rough in the pose to work into further from memory later. Which I have already tried to do and so far it’s a disaster and may never see the light of day.