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My Random Happy Sketches!

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Hey What’s for Sale?

I have a few things going on at the moment. Primarily I focus on painting obviously but that doesn’t seem to satisfy all my creative needs.

I found myself doing a lot of tight pen drawings for no reason and they weren’t half bad. I decided to create a print shop just to show case those drawings.

As for painting, my favourite subject to practice with is florals. A fashion website approached me and asked me to join their community of artists so I put those florals to good use.

Here is a sample of what you can find on my Society 6. 




Here is a sample of what you can find on my Shop Vida.



The bags are brand new to the site, I’m really excited about these since I’m such a hand bag freak haha.

Don’t forget I’m always available for painting commissions! Email me anytime.


Drawing Large

I finally got this out of my system and yet, as I write this, I may be thinking up more compositions for future drawings. I have too much imagination and not enough time or drive? (I’m also lazy haha)

I’ve been doing alot of very detailed and also messy (yes this makes sense) pen drawings in my sketchbook, mostly nature related. I recently decided to do a large one on stone paper as a way to get some creative energy out without using my painting studio during my move. I’ve been in my new place for about 3 weeks and I’ve finally finished it. Which is good because I’m getting anxious to start painting again. Look forward to some more painting studies!


In the Vines 16 by 20in
Ball point pen on stone paper mounted to wood.




Some Sketchy Things

I finally started a new moleskin sketchbook, its all empty and the cover isn’t ruined from being in the inside of my dirty purse. It hasn’t had coffee spilt on it and the corners have yet to be dog eared. Give it time.


Some wooded path at night, I was inspired by things I saw during a trip to Montreal.


Stop sign in Montreal, with random tree.


That is all!


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En plein Air Via Balcony

I’ve been wanting to try En plein Air for a while now but I lack in portable painting equipment. So yesterday I dragged some stuff out on my balcony and gave it a shot. I don’t have a very nice view, back yards, parking lot and a couple of dumpsters, but there is a few interesting trees.


Progress Shot! I had to use a clip cause my canvas board kept blowing into my palette.


After 3 hours this is what I came up with! I think I got too caught up in the details. I liked the bigger brush strokes I was starting with in the previous picture. Oh well, next time.


Here it is again in indoor lighting.


My balcony view. I was painting that tall tree top in the distance.


The set up! Definitely going to do this again. Much more fun then painting still lifes.


New Painting, New Show,

I finally finished all my paintings for January and just on time too! I actually went to bed early last night, it was wonderful!
So this Friday at Artisans At Work (The Generations Show, this Friday at 7pm) you can see one of the paintings that kept me up all night every night this past month. Considering the time restraints, I think it turned out pretty well.

20140203-085021.jpgMy largest painting to date at 4 square feet.

20140203-085324.jpgThe thing that’s funny about this painting is that it’s almost as tall as my roommate. She’s 4’10”, so when I asked her to hold my painting up so I could take a photo without glare, this was the hilarious result. Enjoy!

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February Art Show

Hey guys, just wanted to inform you of a new show I’m going to be part of in February. It’s called “Generations” apparently inspired by Family Day. What makes this show so special is that all participants must be in a group of at least three family members with a maximum of 12 pieces. It just so happens I only have three artists in my family. These artists are my Grandmother, who, back in the day did amazing impressionist paintings, my father who is a super talented photographer and myself, the budding painter. 

I’m telling you right now, this will more and likely be the ONLY TIME all three Caissie’s will have our artwork shown together at the same time. If that doesnt boggle your brain cells and make you want to come down to Artisans At Work on February 7th, 7pm, nothing will.

Except maybe this… here’s a little teaser of what I’m going to show, a crop of my 4 foot square painting that I am currently still working on.

Hope to see you there! If not, don’t worry the show is up all month.



Look At Them Fly

In a previous post, “Up With the Birds”, I had shown my process work and possible final image for the cover page of my work-in-progress graphic novel. I’ve been glaring at the final image ever since I posted it and decided to start it over again. I’m going to do an oil painting version of this pen drawing as well. I’ll just add that to the list of things I need to paint. Until then, here it is in its completion… well expect for the title and type, but never mind that!