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The worst seat in the house!

At life drawing on Monday (I’m going to try and make that a weekly thing) I found the worst spot to sit in. I had no idea until it was too late. The room filled up with easles and benches with their respected artists. The model got ready and the host turned on the light and that’s when I realised I was sitting right in the path of the spot light. At first your like nah it’s okay I can handle this but as the time goes by you pretty much start to go blind. So I gave up cause the drawings were terrible anyway since I could only look at the model for a moment. I ended up drawing the artists, blind contours style. After the break it’s long poses and the room usually clears out a bit so I got to move, yay. Not a completely wasted night.

All poses 20 mins each and with blue ballpoint pen.


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New Painting and New Sales!

Firstly, with the arrival of spring (even though it’s snowing today) my shop has come out of hibernation and just in time for Mother’s Day. So get on over there!

Secondly, I have stuff to show you! I’m currently working on three paintings at the same time, soon to be four but nothing is finished. Seriously story of my life! I’m also working on a completely different project and I can only justify doing it while not taking away from painting if I work on it while sitting on the subway during my commute or if I’m waiting around at the doctors or something. Therefore, it is taking a long time to finish, thank goodness it’s sketchbook size. So,
here is the one thing I can show you. Yeah I know all that build up and I’m only showing one thing, I’m terrible.

20140415-081634.jpg Work in progress. I’m waiting for the background to dry so I can put the second layer of colour on top. So don’t worry it’s not staying orange.

And this is what it looks like in the morning! Talk about not being a morning person, haha. Basically I paint super thin and this painting sits in front of a big window in my studio so all the morning sun is shining through.

I have a really great video on twitter I posted of my hand passing behind this revealing the painting. I can’t post videos here it seems.

Anyway that’s all! :D