Happy Sketch

My Random Happy Sketches!

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I <3 U


Really I do, all of my long time subscribers and new ones too! Thanks for reading, commenting and overall just supporting me through this mess of a blog. I hope everyone has some love today whether it be from your significant other, crush, a loved one or just a random person telling you they appreciate you and all that you do. Cause I certainly do!


Happy Valentines Day!


P.S. You can purchase this print here… #shamelesslyadvertising #always


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Free Shipping Woot Woot

Hi everyone, just a quick update. My new print shop is having free shipping for this week only for all non framed prints. So if you liked the two images I put out a little while ago now’s the time to snag a couple. Just click the link before for the free shipping.


Here’s what’s for sale!

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Your Sketches Part 1

Last week I asked for some suggestions on what I should draw in my sketchbook. I had so much fun drawing these, you guys had amazing ideas. I got quite a few, enough for two blog posts! Well I probably could of squished them all in one blog post but I was a bit busy this weekend packing for my new apartment and stuff, excuses, excuses. Anyway!

Lesley “Clearly the answer is my child” Clearly…

Diana “Haven’t seen Ghost Cat at the CNE yet.” Ghost Cat had nothing to do with the Cronut fiasco.

20130903-075739.jpg Andrew “Horrifying Pornography” Looking up “Mating Tarantulas” on google was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, ever.

20130903-075851.jpg Matthew “Draw a kitten wearing these! *link to splinter cell night vision goggles*” This kitten will end you, cutely.