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My Random Happy Sketches!


Practice Makes Perfect

I have a confession to make. I do not enjoy life drawing. GASP

And why should I? It’s difficult, the chairs are uncomfortable, the poses are difficult or sometimes just aweful and uninspiring. But I keep going because it’s good practice, to try and figure out the human body in 1 min to 30 hour intervals. The practice I get here I use in all my paintings and especially portraits. So I’ll keep on grumbling with sketchbook and pen in hand and continue to attend life drawing. Do you enjoy going?


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The worst seat in the house!

At life drawing on Monday (I’m going to try and make that a weekly thing) I found the worst spot to sit in. I had no idea until it was too late. The room filled up with easles and benches with their respected artists. The model got ready and the host turned on the light and that’s when I realised I was sitting right in the path of the spot light. At first your like nah it’s okay I can handle this but as the time goes by you pretty much start to go blind. So I gave up cause the drawings were terrible anyway since I could only look at the model for a moment. I ended up drawing the artists, blind contours style. After the break it’s long poses and the room usually clears out a bit so I got to move, yay. Not a completely wasted night.

All poses 20 mins each and with blue ballpoint pen.

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I moved again! Also, life drawing!

Two weeks ago I left Toronto to move in with my long time Boyfriend in the city of London ON. I now live in a sunny apartment where my studio is not in the same room as my bed or couch or kitchen table. Every artists dream! I will also be working on art full time! So I guess I’ve leveled up in the game of life, ha.

Painting will come back REAL soon but in the meantime I have some life drawings from last Monday. I haven’t gone to life drawing in maybe 2 years? Please excuse the rustiness. 

3 Min pose with Graphite stick

3 Min pose with graphite stick

10 min pose?

20 min pose

25 min pose


Stuff and Cat Drawings

I’ve been working on private commissions lately so I haven’t done any personal work to show you. Good for me but boring for you I’m sure. Although once in a blue moon I open this dusty sketchbook of mine and draw something. Here are a few worth sharing.


Sometimes I draw this guy, not accurately.


Even when I’m not trying not to do well, it still manages to look like him.


My left hand, drawn multiple times.


Finally a cat!

Artwork in New Places!

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A local cafe in my neck of the woods invited me to put some of my work on their walls. How could I say no to the Cake Town Cafe on the Danforth? Great coffee, amazing food, and their gluten free bagels are what dietary restricted dreams are made of! Here’s how it looks!


The colour of the walls are perfect for my colour palette. I love red and teal together!


Some oldies and some newbies!


Message me if you’re interested in anything.

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Work In Progress

Next month is my last scheduled group show at Artisans at Work Gallery. The show is called “We are Toronto” and I’m doing my body of work focused entirely on my observations of the diversity of people on the subway or TTC. This is what I have so far, enjoy.


photo 2-1


Started with thumbnail sketches of course, I really like these two.

photo 3-1

Because of the tight time frame I have for these, I’m doing all three paintings at the same time. This way they will all be at the same level of completeness and I wont be able to get too caught up on details that I don’t need to focus on.

photo 1-1

Close up of the “blocking in” stage. Stick around for more updates!

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En plein Air Via Balcony

I’ve been wanting to try En plein Air for a while now but I lack in portable painting equipment. So yesterday I dragged some stuff out on my balcony and gave it a shot. I don’t have a very nice view, back yards, parking lot and a couple of dumpsters, but there is a few interesting trees.


Progress Shot! I had to use a clip cause my canvas board kept blowing into my palette.


After 3 hours this is what I came up with! I think I got too caught up in the details. I liked the bigger brush strokes I was starting with in the previous picture. Oh well, next time.


Here it is again in indoor lighting.


My balcony view. I was painting that tall tree top in the distance.


The set up! Definitely going to do this again. Much more fun then painting still lifes.