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Peripherals is Funded!

I’m pleased to announce that my project, Peripherals: Paintings of Visual Impairment, has been awarded a grant from the Ontario Arts Council! Funding from this grant will go toward supplies needed to complete a full body of work that I hope to complete by end of Summer 2018.

Peripherals will show case paintings of how I see the world through my legally blind eye as well as an artistic interpretation of visual impairment through videography.  For more information about this project please read here.

Thank you OAC for your help making this dream a reality!

Left Right Thank You

Pictured above is my first painting studies of how I see through my legally blind eye. I painted the same subject, this dead birch tree, so you can see the difference. The right is as I normally see it and the left is with my right eye closed forcing myself to look with only my legally blind eye. The red area is my blind spot. It is normally black but it glows red when my head is turned towards bright light. In this case that light would be the sun behind the cloudy sky.

This is only my first study, I will be doing many more throughout the year in preparation for final paintings. Stay tuned!


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Hey What’s for Sale?

I have a few things going on at the moment. Primarily I focus on painting obviously but that doesn’t seem to satisfy all my creative needs.

I found myself doing a lot of tight pen drawings for no reason and they weren’t half bad. I decided to create a print shop just to show case those drawings.

As for painting, my favourite subject to practice with is florals. A fashion website approached me and asked me to join their community of artists so I put those florals to good use.

Here is a sample of what you can find on my Society 6. 




Here is a sample of what you can find on my Shop Vida.



The bags are brand new to the site, I’m really excited about these since I’m such a hand bag freak haha.

Don’t forget I’m always available for painting commissions! Email me anytime.


Okay, The Flowers Have Passed On

Bare with me one last time but alas I did create one last study from the bouquet I received three weeks ago. Such a lovely bouquet, I don’t normally do so many studies. Usually just one is enough, but not this time.

drawingI put down a thin layer of red and once it dried I did the drawing in graphite.


Here I have the first colour.


Once I started working into the flowers themselves I found they had a fiery feel to them so I neglected to add much detail to the petals as I thought they would loose some of that quality.


Here it is the final piece!


The Bouquet isn’t Dead Yet

It seems I wasn’t able to do just one painting from my birthday bouquet, in fact I immediately started another after finishing the last one. Here goes, the experimentation continues.

I went all out with the solvent and graphite with this one.


Then I threw down some paint keeping in mind to keep everything balanced.


Here I went into quite a bit of detail with the solitary flower.


In the final image I brought out the darks again in the lower right hand colour. I also went back in with the graphite sticks and brought back some of the drawing elements lost with the paint. These have been fun so far!


New Painting and Why the Silence

Hello everyone I’m still here I swear! A couple of months back I had my last scheduled group show so I decided to focus on personal projects that I have been neglecting. Of course this prompted me to not paint for a month. Bad Jessica! I know I know. Now the project that I am working on I can’t show you the progress because it is for someone specifically and now that it is close to being finished I want to keep it a surprise. So because of that I haven’t been working on any other paintings so I have had literally nothing to post. Not a thing. Not even sketchbook stuff. I haven’t even been sketching. I did do 4 portrait commissions in pencil. There’s that, but I don’t feel like sharing.

ALTHOUGH It was very recently my birthday and my loving and caring boyfriend bought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and I just HAD to stop everything and paint them. I love it when I have a moment to paint flowers because I usually take these paintings and go in crazy directions with them. Lately I’ve been forced to use pencil on occasion these last couple of months ( More of a pen girl really ) and I decided, since I have so much new graphite supplies now, to incorporate it with my painting. With every painting I do I’m trying to loosen up my style and I think I really got some place amazing with this. Anyway here it is.


When I started I had no plan I just did whatever came to mind which was graphite and then maybe some solvent and oh look at that effect! and so on and so forth…


Then began adding paint and removing paint and stuff.


Went back to the little flower.


Went back and forth with paint and graphite until this happened! The finished painting. Abstraction is difficult for me so I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I really want to continue to work in this way, we shall see what happens.


Close up details. Mmmm texture.

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Blue Roses – A Very Special Painting

Finally finished painting this handsome man. Last year around this time I met an incredible person who inspired me more in one week then I think I’ve ever been inspired in my whole life. He’s really something. He just does what he wants and wears what he wants with complete and total confidence, from running around in a sailor moon jumper and leggings to looking dapper in a suit and waxed moustache to wearing my old graduation dress. He’s wild and eccentric (without the loads of money) and loves everyone and everything regardless of sex or race. I think everyone needs to take a page or two out of his book and live and love life a little bit more confidently.

Basically, one day, I knew I was going to paint him and it just so happens that a call for submissions has opened up to be displayed during World Pride in Toronto. Lets hope this gets picked, and if not, I’m glad that he and the internet will see it anyway.

blueroseswebBlue Roses – Oil on Canvas 35″ by 25″


Face Detail


Rose Buds


Rose and Hand



Little Experiment, Little Flower

I did a little flower study last week and if you are on any of my other social media sites then you have probably already seen it. In today’s post I’m going to explain the process I took.

Whenever I’m given a bouquet of flowers, like I was two Fridays ago, I have to paint them! Long time followers may remember me mentioning this obsession before. I thought this would be the perfect time to experiment with media.

Through experimentation and lots and lots of painting I have discovered that I really like painting on TerraSkin paper, a brand of paper made entirely of crushed stone. It’s completely smooth, non-porous so no priming needed and it doesn’t bend or buckle like regular paper does. I paint very thinly so I love how there is no other texture than what my brush makes unlike when painting on canvas. The only problem is that stone paper needs to be framed unlike canvas that be put on the wall as is. SO, I conceived the idea of using a very strong adhesive and mounting the stone paper on thick wood panel and it worked like a charm! Now I just need to try this on a much larger scale and see if the adhesive is still just as permanent.

20140218-095106.jpg I also experimented with a new colour. I added Viridian Green to a limited palette of Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow and White. This green is intense, think of the most pine green, almost vibrant Xmas green, right out of the tube. I found It makes a great leaf green and beautiful pinks and purples.

20140218-095702.jpg When things are not working out, take it off and do it again.

20140218-100032.jpgFinished! 8″ by 8″ on stone paper mounted on wood panel.