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Hey What’s for Sale?

I have a few things going on at the moment. Primarily I focus on painting obviously but that doesn’t seem to satisfy all my creative needs.

I found myself doing a lot of tight pen drawings for no reason and they weren’t half bad. I decided to create a print shop just to show case those drawings.

As for painting, my favourite subject to practice with is florals. A fashion website approached me and asked me to join their community of artists so I put those florals to good use.

Here is a sample of what you can find on my Society 6. 




Here is a sample of what you can find on my Shop Vida.



The bags are brand new to the site, I’m really excited about these since I’m such a hand bag freak haha.

Don’t forget I’m always available for painting commissions! Email me anytime.


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New Work “What a Hot Mess” for In The Round 4 Annual Group Show

I’m very excited and a little nervous to show you my new work for this upcoming show, In The Round 4 at Graven Feather Gallery. This is my first attempt at a sculptural piece. I’m satisfied with how they turned out so I’m positive I’ll be making some more in the future. 

My “What a Hot Mess!” Series is my commentary on how toxic our judgements are on other people’s appearances (as well as our own) especially when it is expected that one’s personal identity should reflect in their personal style and aesthetic. 

Please check out the show opening if you’re in Toronto next Thursday November 3rd at 7pm at Graven Feather Gallery beside Trinity Bellwood’s Park. This is a group show so there will be over 100 “rounds” on display! There will be something for everyone and for a low price of $65!

“What a Hot Mess!” 1 of 3 Oil paint, glass and hot glue on wood panel.

“What a Hot Mess!” 2 of 3 Oil paint, glass and hot glue on wood panel.

“What a Hot Mess!” 3 of 3 Oil paint, glass and hot glue on wood panel.
Here are a couple progress pictures.

First you paint the glass. I could of just painted lines straight down and called them stripes but I wanted to be authentic even if I was only me who would know that it was stripes from a blouse, folds and all. It was important that I painted actual fabric patterns on each pane of glass, from my own closet no less. 

Then you break the glass. What followed was hours and hours and hours of sanding down sharp edges while watching Netflix. I only got glass in me twice. Haha
Leave a comment on what you think of my new direction! Don’t worry though I’m still painting ;)

Hope to see you at the show!

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I Now Have a Clothing Line!

I recently got invited to collaborate with Vida Clothing to turn my paintings into wearable art. I know this isn’t something new and revolutionary and I wasn’t even interested at first until I realized I can finally do something with my obsessive flower painting! Oh, Florals are not your jam? Don’t worry I have plans for other designs in the near future. But for now check out what I have up! 

Vida sent me codes that expires quickly to celebrate the launch of my new collection.

Enjoy 15% off your purchase using code Welcome15


Enjoy $50 off your purchase of $250+ using code Welcome50

Expires on 9/14/2016 <<< <<< <<< <<<

Here’s a preview of some of the items available.

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New Work in New Shows!

So big announcement, I’m going to have work up in TWO galleries this month! I just heard back from one gallery yesterday and it seems I’m part of the Square Foot show at Artisans-at-Work  in the East and the Sex Offensive show at Propeller Gallery in the west. Here is what I’m showing,

To be Shown at Artisans- at- Work for the Square Foot show

Show Date, This friday the 6th!


Disguise – Oil on Canvas – 12″ by 12″


Veil – Oil on Canvas 12″ by 12″

To be shown during World Pride in Toronto at Propeller Gallery for their Sex Offensive Show

Show Date, Thursday June 19th!


The Blue Rose – Oil on Canvas – 25″ by 35″

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“Veil” – New Painting

The third in it’s series out of ten. This one was particularly difficult as there were a lot of elements to balance out. I’m taking a break from this series for now. I have a few outdated projects to get back to and a commission. (Yay money!)


Veil – Oil on Canvas – 12″ by 12″


Here is a couple progress shots.


Had to get her eyes through the sheer fabric perfect before grappling with the pattern.


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New Painting “Enshroud”

I’m working on a series of paintings exploring the literal idea of hiding and or shielding oneself with clothing and textiles. Fashion is a great way to express yourself and it’s also fun to use to pretend to be someone your not. Although, it can also be used to blend in with everyone else, be completely unmemorable and almost disappear. Here is the painting progress of the first in my series entitled “Enshroud”.

My original idea was to make the background white and flat but after I drew this I realized I had to redraw it.

20140425-145618.jpg To fix the composition I flipped over the canvas and threw down some paint to try and roughly cover the older drawing. I liked how that looked better and went with it.

20140425-145751.jpg This is the final painting! “Enshroud” 14″ by 14″ oil on Canvas



Hey folks, I have no idea what to post for next weeks blog. I’m still working on this huge fricken painting and have done nothing else. I was going to draw in my sketchbook but I seem to have artists block. So I thought I would draw what you guys want me to draw.

So how bout it, what do you think I should draw?

Everything suggested I will interpret and have drawn for my blog post next Wednesday!

By Jay Roeder