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I Made a Bullet Journal From Scratch!

I’m a bit of a stationary nerd and lately I’ve been drooling over Traveler’s Notebooks and Bullet Journal spreads and I decided to make my own. This notebook combines everything I love about the customizability of Traveller’s Notebooks with the all in one functionality of bullet journaling.

Prior to this, I was using a tiny agenda to keep track of dates, a Field Notes notebook to list tasks for the day and a large Moleskin cashier notebook for brainstorming. I used to use a medium sized hardcover Moleskin‚Äč adgenda for dates and tasks but I hated bringing around another big notebook for brainstorming ontop of that, hence why I went with the smaller options. I also have another notebook in my room where I attempted to write down dreams and daily affirmations, but that didn’t last. I missed doing that but I can’t combine it with my current system. That would be four notebooks to carry around! Bullet journalling was the answer, but I didn’t like any of the notebooks I have on hand. Luckily, I have a lot of paper supplies, so I made a notebook with everything I wanted!


Before we open it up let’s go through the supplies I¬†used to make this beauty. Starting from the top left hand corner:

Steel Ruler – Rhodia Dot Grid Paper – Bulldog Clip – Decorative Twine – Double Sided Tape – Washi Tape – Small Cutting Board – Cardboard – Decorative Paper – Small Envelopes – Blackwing Pencil – Bone Folder – Stapler – Scissors – Cutting Knife (not shown)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I bought a stationary set. The cover for that set that held in the paper and envelopes I used to make the cover for this book. I simply cut it in half and made a spine out of two pieces of cardboard.

One piece of cardboard holds the covers together and a second more slender piece sits on the outside and secures the strings that keep the pages in place. I lined the outside spine with Washi tape for a cleaner finish.

When we open it up we notice there is red paper on the inside affixed to a larger piece of cardboard that makes the soft stationary holder now a hardcover book.

I know I said I wanted to combine everything but my sketchbook must remain separate. My main sketchbook is larger and I don’t always want to bring it with me which means I sometimes regret not having something to draw in when the urge strikes. So I put a small cashier Moleskin notebook in the front flap. It fits perfectly and I’ll always be ready when inspiration hits!

When you flip the first page which is hard cardboard you find two envelopes and my Index page. Inside one envelope I’m keeping business cards and in the other is my bullet key card.

The next spread is Long Term Projects, a wish list for things I want to buy someday, and the 2017 year calendar at a glance.

The 2017 and 2018 year at a glance continues on the next spread. I’ve always found this very handy in previous agendas so it made sense to add one for myself.

The next spread is my future log. I added a piece of Washi tape to the edge of the page so I can access it quickly. Here I made another calendar for each month where I highlight the days I run and total up the Kms at the end of the week. My running monthly goal is underneath as well as my cross training goal. After that I list off the important dates.

After the future log you’ll find a splash page for the month. I saw some bullet journals where people would make a memories page or a mood board so I thought I would do something similar. I might add movie tickets or stickers or doodle as the month goes by. Once again I added a piece of Washi tape to bookmark the page.

The next spread is my monthly log and I got to say that so far I’m not enjoying it. There is a lot of space so I might play around with it next month or leave it as is. I’m sure next month will be busier.

Here is my Daily Log! I write the date and in the morning as briefly as I can I write down any dreams from the night before. Then I write a sentence about what I’m grateful for and a sentence for what I’m excited for that day and then I leave a blank spot for the evening when I write something that happened that made that day great. Under that I list out my tasks and events for the day. Since I am very forgetful I decided to set a daily reminder on my phone that tells me at 8:30am and at 10:30pm to write in my journal.

If you flip through the pages you’ll eventually find the other side of the envelope cardboard that holds more tiny envelopes! I don’t have anything in them yet but I’m sure I’ll find something.

I also used this adorable squirrel paperclip to use on the top of the page I’m currently writing in. I forgot to add a bookmark string to the spine when I was tying in the books of paper but I think I like this better. It’s too cute.

Each book of paper has 10 spreads which makes 40 pages that I stapled together at their spine. Then using inspiration from Travellers Notebooks, I used gold string that is affixed to the inside of the spine of the cover to tightly tie the book in place.

By doing this I could slip the booklets out and add more later if I wanted to. I think I won’t though because I had so much fun making this, I would probably just make another one.

I made 5 booklets with 40 pages each, so that works out to 200 pages. I hope that’s enough for the year!

Here’s the back page! With a couple sheets of scrap paper, just in case.

Thanks for following along with me! I think I’ve made a journal that is simple enough to combine all my scheduling and journaling needs with all my favourite beautiful stationary details that keep me organized and excited to open it up everyday.

I hope I’ve inspired you!



Stuff and Cat Drawings

I’ve been working on private commissions lately so I haven’t done any personal work to show you. Good for me but boring for you I’m sure. Although once in a blue moon I open this dusty sketchbook of mine and draw something. Here are a few worth sharing.


Sometimes I draw this guy, not accurately.


Even when I’m not trying not to do well, it still manages to look like him.


My left hand, drawn multiple times.


Finally a cat!


In My Sketchbook

Its been a while since I had a sketchbook reveal which in a way is a good thing as I actually have a whole bunch of sketches to show. Enjoy!

P.s. I haven’t finished that big project I was speaking of before… so no new paintings until the new year. Wait for me!

lessstopMessy lines while drawing on the GO train.


Blind contour of Jessica’s everywhere!

mooncatGhost Cat in the moonlight.

chumCups, perfume and paper scraps.

cupsMore pink mugs beside my Henry Moore drawing.

clothI tried to draw my scarf with pencil crayon and pen in an hour. I didn’t get far, but I kinda like it like this anyway.

boyComposition study for a commission I was working on a while back.

moonPen drawing of the full moon on a cloudy night. This took forever to draw. Literally forever. Literally.

womanIdeas for Xmas cards 2014 and a drawing of an african sculpture in the AGO.

forestWalking through the lit path at night, or my interpretation of it.


I Built a Castle in the Middle of the Night

Last night I decided to do something with the two boxes in the middle of my living room. They are my cat’s boxes and they take up a lot of room and look messy. Messy like I’ve just been throwing stuff all over the place kind of messy. Now one might say, “Jess you could just get rid of the boxes then they won’t be on your floor, duh” but I decided to do something crazy. Crazy cat lady actually.

20140716-082153-30113429.jpg Here are the boxes in question already in construction. The small box he likes to sit in, and the large box he likes to play in.

20140716-082355-30235190.jpg I have created a roof! All I’m using is double sided tape. If I use regular packaging tape it won’t look as nice and my cat will eat it. He has odd culinary tastes. Also I don’t have any extra cardboard so I’m using the pieces I cut off the box to build up the box.

20140716-082612-30372043.jpg He is pretty excited about this.

20140716-082643-30403492.jpg I made a fancy door. Almost done!

20140716-082713-30433995.jpg Now I’ve taped and inserted the small box into the big box to create a balcony of sorts.

20140716-082823-30503498.jpg After painting it black for a dramatic effect, I added draw strings. It’s finished!

20140716-082908-30548276.jpg Now to test it!


20140716-084713-31633562.jpg He’s really digging the draw strings.

20140716-084738-31658727.jpg I think he likes it, success! My work here is done.

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Your Sketches Part 1

Last week I asked for some suggestions on what I should draw in my sketchbook. I had so much fun drawing these, you guys had amazing ideas. I got quite a few, enough for two blog posts! Well I probably could of squished them all in one blog post but I was a bit busy this weekend packing for my new apartment and stuff, excuses, excuses. Anyway!

Lesley “Clearly the answer is my child” Clearly…

Diana “Haven’t seen Ghost Cat at the CNE yet.” Ghost Cat had nothing to do with the Cronut fiasco.

20130903-075739.jpg Andrew “Horrifying Pornography” Looking up “Mating Tarantulas” on google was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, ever.

20130903-075851.jpg Matthew “Draw a kitten wearing these! *link to splinter cell night vision goggles*” This kitten will end you, cutely.



Hey folks, I have no idea what to post for next weeks blog. I’m still working on this huge fricken painting and have done nothing else. I was going to draw in my sketchbook but I seem to have artists block. So I thought I would draw what you guys want me to draw.

So how bout it, what do you think I should draw?

Everything suggested I will interpret and have drawn for my blog post next Wednesday!

By Jay Roeder

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The Neighborhood Creeper…

…is me, I’m sorry. In fact, if you live around the Danforth station in Toronto and see a girl with long hair, bangs and thick black glasses, taking pictures and or sitting on the curb drawing your house, that’s me. If you see me this week drawing your house don’t worry I’m not actually a creeper, I just appear to be one. All I’m doing is appreciating the diversity of the house designs and recording the moments in my sketchbook when the morning/evening light casts that perfect porch shadow across the siding.
So please don’t call the cops!

The reason for all this? I’m house sitting for my folks and taking care of their grumpy cat. (She’s cute, when she’s not hissing at me) I’ve always loved the neighborhood they live in and I thought since I’m going to be here for a few days I should sketch while I can.






Also, here is the cat Molly McBean. Seems she was sleepy and wanted to nap in the sunlight.