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Hey What’s for Sale?

I have a few things going on at the moment. Primarily I focus on painting obviously but that doesn’t seem to satisfy all my creative needs.

I found myself doing a lot of tight pen drawings for no reason and they weren’t half bad. I decided to create a print shop just to show case those drawings.

As for painting, my favourite subject to practice with is florals. A fashion website approached me and asked me to join their community of artists so I put those florals to good use.

Here is a sample of what you can find on my Society 6. 




Here is a sample of what you can find on my Shop Vida.



The bags are brand new to the site, I’m really excited about these since I’m such a hand bag freak haha.

Don’t forget I’m always available for painting commissions! Email me anytime.


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I <3 U


Really I do, all of my long time subscribers and new ones too! Thanks for reading, commenting and overall just supporting me through this mess of a blog. I hope everyone has some love today whether it be from your significant other, crush, a loved one or just a random person telling you they appreciate you and all that you do. Cause I certainly do!


Happy Valentines Day!


P.S. You can purchase this print here… #shamelesslyadvertising #always

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I Now Have a Clothing Line!

I recently got invited to collaborate with Vida Clothing to turn my paintings into wearable art. I know this isn’t something new and revolutionary and I wasn’t even interested at first until I realized I can finally do something with my obsessive flower painting! Oh, Florals are not your jam? Don’t worry I have plans for other designs in the near future. But for now check out what I have up! 

Vida sent me codes that expires quickly to celebrate the launch of my new collection.

Enjoy 15% off your purchase using code Welcome15


Enjoy $50 off your purchase of $250+ using code Welcome50

Expires on 9/14/2016 <<< <<< <<< <<<

Here’s a preview of some of the items available.


Drawing Large

I finally got this out of my system and yet, as I write this, I may be thinking up more compositions for future drawings. I have too much imagination and not enough time or drive? (I’m also lazy haha)

I’ve been doing alot of very detailed and also messy (yes this makes sense) pen drawings in my sketchbook, mostly nature related. I recently decided to do a large one on stone paper as a way to get some creative energy out without using my painting studio during my move. I’ve been in my new place for about 3 weeks and I’ve finally finished it. Which is good because I’m getting anxious to start painting again. Look forward to some more painting studies!


In the Vines 16 by 20in
Ball point pen on stone paper mounted to wood.




Upcoming Show Alert!

I’m back on the radar baby! I’ve been a little MIA lately and it’s not cause I haven’t been doing things, I’ve had stuff I could of posted it’s just I’ve been so darn lazy. My sincerest apologies.

I bet I could make it up to you! I’m inviting all of you out to a great charity event at Graven Feather Gallery on Friday June 5th in Toronto. It’s a group show called “Bees (And the Birds)” with guest curator, Christine Pensa. The show will have art related to saving the bees! Proceeds from art sold will go to the David Suzuki Foundation. How cool is that?


Blushing Lilly – 8in by 10in – Oil and Graphite on Stone Paper mounted to Wood

This is the piece that was voted on a few weeks ago and as promised it’s going in. I will be selling it for only $200 so if you’ve always wanted this painting, now is your chance, you better get down there and snag it! The show is only on for 10 days, June 4th to June 13th. See you there :)

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My Piece at Propeller Gallery Opening Night – Warning Nudity!

Last night was the big opening for Propeller Gallery’s new show “The Sex Offensive: Emancipating Gender” for World Pride Toronto. I have a piece in the show that I’m sure you’ve seen before, The Blue Rose. This group show showcases  incredible artists and work and overall I thought was very well curated. Here are some pics of my favourites and the dramatic performance piece at the end. I was a bit overwhelmed and forgot to take pictures of all the pieces, my apologies to my artist friends.



Here I am all dressed up beside my painting, The Blue Rose.


These pieces were essentially about recreating the genesis story in the bible. I love the juxtaposition of medias used.


These are illustrations done on china showing basically lesbian love making. They were extremely well done!


Hand and penis embroidered on denim shorts. So great.


The same artists from above did this one as well. I just love the imagery of this, you can do no wrong with flying penises.


This photo makes me so happy.IMG_4550

In the back, where my painting was, this was set up to accompany a performance peice.


The performers are ready to go.


Here they’re observing the images on the wall, possibly reflecting. There was a lot of heavy breathing.


Then is suddenly got kinky with dominatrix and sexual acts.


This went on for a while.


Then she went into the audience and starting hitting people (very lightly) with her whip.


They made out after this. Which surprised me a bit as there wasn’t any kissing up until this point.


You can see my painting! The performance was basically done after this moment of “worship”. I personally found myself uncomfortable during the majority of the performance but I guess that was the point. I applaud them though for sticking in character for such a long time even after some individuals started getting chatty and disruptive.  Regardless, it was interesting and I applaud myself for sticking around and watching the whole thing. I had a great night and met some amazing people and I suggest you should all go down there on Saturday to see the rest of the show during Nuit Rose.


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My Young Apprentice

The other day I started teaching private drawing lessons to a young girl. I do not offer lessons but an opportunity came up and I decided to give it a try. (Funny story, when I was in elementary school I wanted to be a math teacher. That’s right, math. I must of been a boring kid lol)

For our first session I set up a still life and we had an hour to draw it in any which way we normally like to draw things. At the end of the hour we would look at each other’s drawings and I could assess her current ability and see what things she needs to work on. This somehow turned into a somewhat stressful assignment for the both of us! I could tell that she was getting frustrated with her work and really wanted it to be just right and kept sneaking peeks at my work and sighing. I also had similar feelings, “I cannot mess up this drawing! I’m the teacher so it would look really bad if this turns out crappy!”

In the end I managed to maintain my honor as an artist lol and she did an exceptional job. In fact I’m pretty lucky to have such a talented student. I think we are going to learn a lot from each other.

Here’s my sketch, in my usual ballpoint pen style.

Also, this Sunday I’m joining a new life drawing group. They have longer poses so I’ll be able to paint. Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks life drawing post!