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Practice Makes Perfect

I have a confession to make. I do not enjoy life drawing. GASP

And why should I? It’s difficult, the chairs are uncomfortable, the poses are difficult or sometimes just aweful and uninspiring. But I keep going because it’s good practice, to try and figure out the human body in 1 min to 30 hour intervals. The practice I get here I use in all my paintings and especially portraits. So I’ll keep on grumbling with sketchbook and pen in hand and continue to attend life drawing. Do you enjoy going?


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The worst seat in the house!

At life drawing on Monday (I’m going to try and make that a weekly thing) I found the worst spot to sit in. I had no idea until it was too late. The room filled up with easles and benches with their respected artists. The model got ready and the host turned on the light and that’s when I realised I was sitting right in the path of the spot light. At first your like nah it’s okay I can handle this but as the time goes by you pretty much start to go blind. So I gave up cause the drawings were terrible anyway since I could only look at the model for a moment. I ended up drawing the artists, blind contours style. After the break it’s long poses and the room usually clears out a bit so I got to move, yay. Not a completely wasted night.

All poses 20 mins each and with blue ballpoint pen.

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I moved again! Also, life drawing!

Two weeks ago I left Toronto to move in with my long time Boyfriend in the city of London ON. I now live in a sunny apartment where my studio is not in the same room as my bed or couch or kitchen table. Every artists dream! I will also be working on art full time! So I guess I’ve leveled up in the game of life, ha.

Painting will come back REAL soon but in the meantime I have some life drawings from last Monday. I haven’t gone to life drawing in maybe 2 years? Please excuse the rustiness. 

3 Min pose with Graphite stick

3 Min pose with graphite stick

10 min pose?

20 min pose

25 min pose


Exploring Henry Moore

Today I spent my afternoon at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) free of charge. Last week my boyfriend and I got an incredible deal on a duo year membership that we couldn’t pass up. It worked out perfectly really, I’ve been trying to go to the free night on Wednesdays for so long to draw but something always comes up. Always… but now I can go whenever I’m free! My intention today was to draw a few creepy african masks but they were in the middle of preparing something in that room so I was forced to get inspiration else where. The AGO doesn’t seem to have a lot of classical sculpture on exhibit at the moment or at least not in a place that would be comfortable to hunker down and draw in. So I decided (begrudgingly) to go to the Henry Moore Room. Henry Moore is a famous English sculptor and artist (Born 1898-1986). He is most famous for his┬ásemi-abstract┬ámonumental bronze sculptures. He also has done a lot of bronze and plaster miniatures. He mostly focused on female form. Here is the wikipedia post for him. It even has a panorama of the exhibit at the AGO. I’m not afraid to say that I have never been a fan of his, in fact I usually speed right through that room. It’s not that I don’t like abstract, I do, but not his sculpture. Something about the texture in some of his works has always thrown me off or some of his forms just don’t excite me or draw my interest at all, or at least until today. I grabbed a stool and started drawing and suddenly I actually started to enjoy his work. The act of drawing his abstraction as accurately as I could suddenly made me appreciate the forms he had created. The more I drew and studied his work the more I could see where he kept his work organic or where he made deliberate and sharp shifts and the dramatic and subtle. Who knew there was so much wonder in that room?! *shrug*


My drawing of “Three Piece Reclining Figure No. 2: Bridge Prop” 1962 by Henry Moore

The “M” shape is actually separate from the back piece but I’m drawing it from the side.


My drawing of “Working Model for “Oval with Points” 1968-1969 by Henry Moore

Since I can no longer go to life drawing sessions I thought I would make drawing at the AGO a more regular thing. Don’t be surprised if you see more drawings of Henry Moore’s work.

Side Note : While I was drawing some shuffling photographer walked by, took some pics and then sat down on one of the stands and took a few of me while I was drawing. I’m glad I went to the salon this morning…

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Life Drawing Nine – Not Much To See

I simply wasn’t feeling life drawing this weekend and couldn’t get inspired by the model or her poses even though she was a very good model. Ah well, we all have our bad drawings days. Here are the decent drawings.

20140310-210935.jpgThe page of 1 min poses.

20140310-211053.jpgTwo 5 min poses.

20140310-211125.jpgTwo more 5 min poses.

20140310-211209.jpg10 min pose.

20140310-211240.jpgAnnnnd the 25 min pose.

Also, I know that somewhere out there in the world my boyfriend is reading this with a smug look on his face because I swore last week I would not post this **** and yet here it is.
Yeah yeah… Lols

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I went to life drawing on Sunday except I forgot to bring my paints. I brought everything else, my brushes, linseed oil, palette and all that fun stuff but I left my paints laid out on my table. I blame lack of sleep due to waking up early to watch the Olympic hockey game. It was worth it :)

20140225-081512.jpgMy giant page of 1min poses.

20140225-081642.jpgTwo 5min poses.

20140225-081744.jpg15 min pose

20140225-081823.jpg15 min pose

20140225-081859.jpg40 min pose

20140225-081940.jpg40 mins