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My Random Happy Sketches!

Remember the Man in the Dress?

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Warning, promotional rant below!

Do you guys remember when I painted “The Blue Rose” for World Pride Toronto? Well his name is Damiano Dentice and he’s also “Next Level Hipster” ANNNND he’s making a killer movie called Fatal Attraktion. My suggestion, go over to kick starter and throw like 5 AU at it cause I actually really want to watch it and I can’t watch it if he doesn’t get the funds. So help out a friend in need? Thank you, I love you, buh bye!

My promotional is rant done, you can all go home.



Author: Jessica Caissie

As a painter and artist I find it hard sometimes to not take my work too seriously, so I created this blog! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. In the mean time, if you are curious as to what else I draw, check out my online portfolio, http://jessicacaissie.com/

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