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The other day I started teaching private drawing lessons to a young girl. I do not offer lessons but an opportunity came up and I decided to give it a try. (Funny story, when I was in elementary school I wanted to be a math teacher. That’s right, math. I must of been a boring kid lol)

For our first session I set up a still life and we had an hour to draw it in any which way we normally like to draw things. At the end of the hour we would look at each other’s drawings and I could assess her current ability and see what things she needs to work on. This somehow turned into a somewhat stressful assignment for the both of us! I could tell that she was getting frustrated with her work and really wanted it to be just right and kept sneaking peeks at my work and sighing. I also had similar feelings, “I cannot mess up this drawing! I’m the teacher so it would look really bad if this turns out crappy!”

In the end I managed to maintain my honor as an artist lol and she did an exceptional job. In fact I’m pretty lucky to have such a talented student. I think we are going to learn a lot from each other.

Here’s my sketch, in my usual ballpoint pen style.

Also, this Sunday I’m joining a new life drawing group. They have longer poses so I’ll be able to paint. Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks life drawing post!


Author: Jessica Caissie

As a painter and artist I find it hard sometimes to not take my work too seriously, so I created this blog! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. In the mean time, if you are curious as to what else I draw, check out my online portfolio, http://jessicacaissie.com/

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