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My Odd Obsession


Okay, first of all, I am NOT a girly girl. Although, I’m not as much as a tomboy as I used to be when I was a kid. Still, you won’t catch me dead wearing pink, painting my nails or watching romantic comedies. (Unless its with Meg Ryan, everyone has their exceptions.)
Despite this, I seem to have developed an obsession with flowers. I paint them all the time and sometimes I wonder if it gives my internet followers the wrong impression if me. I know flowers are so overdone and paintings of them are reserved for your parents bathrooms but I just can’t stop painting them!! All the bouquets I get (my boyfriend spoils me) I paint despite all the other pieces I should be working on. The spring and summer seasons are the worst! I bring home so many wild flowers. I could have a problem… Shall we revisit my flower painting collection?

This was the first bouquet I ever painted.

Testing out a new colour of paint.

That blue paint became my favourite colour in my palette.

I brought home some tree blossoms one day.

Daisies are my favourite to paint.

I did two studies of these flowers.

Trying out the rose tattoo look.

Some more wild daisies.

These lilies are one of my favourite paintings.

I had to paint a rose from my Valentines bouquet.


My most recent flower painting and hopefully my last, at least until the spring anyway.


Author: Jessica Caissie

As a painter and artist I find it hard sometimes to not take my work too seriously, so I created this blog! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. In the mean time, if you are curious as to what else I draw, check out my online portfolio, http://jessicacaissie.com/

3 thoughts on “My Odd Obsession

  1. O-Oooooooo lol. You know what I’m saying.

  2. Try adding a bit more depth to your daisies and roses. Thy are a bit flat, but keep trying.

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