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I think the hardest thing for me to do when it comes to my 100 Portraits project is to actually stop painting the portraits. It irks me when I can’t get the likeness right and I want to keep working on it until I do. Which is a good thing to do in most cases but the point of this project is to do 100 portrait “studies”. It’s practice so it defeats the purpose if I spend too much time on one piece. That being said… each piece is taking longer to do then the last regardless. This might take me longer then a year to complete!
Let us look as some process pics of “A. Dunn Clarke”.

At this point I was “done”. I wanted to have red coming through a dark teal background but once I had done it, I realized I liked it better when it was just the red background. Even worse, the portrait looked nothing like Clarke! I knew what had to be changed to make it look like him but I had already put in a lot of hours. It was late at night and if I went back into it it would take another evening, completely defeating the purpose of the project!

As a painting it was good but as a painting of Clarke it wasn’t and I couldn’t let it go. So I attacked it with a palette knife!

Working back into the face the second time around was a lot easier then I thought it was going to be and took me no time at all. Scraping off the teal paint took the longest time. And voila!


Author: Jessica Caissie

As a painter and artist I find it hard sometimes to not take my work too seriously, so I created this blog! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. In the mean time, if you are curious as to what else I draw, check out my online portfolio, http://jessicacaissie.com/

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